Current Version: 3.0.0 | Last Update: Jul 2023


NeKzBot is a Discord chatbot created for the Portal 2 Speedrunning community.

/aggGet the aggregated challenge mode leaderboards.
/bhopFind a bhop level.
/bot infoPrint info about the bot.
/bot reloadReload bot data.
/cvarsFind a console command.
/deleteDelete specific bot data.
/demo infoGet information about a demo.
/gh branchFind GitHub branch.
/gh issueFind GitHub issue.
/gh prFind GitHub pull request.
/gh releaseFind GitHub release.
/glitchFind an entry about a glitch.
/lbGet the challenge mode leaderboard.
/lpFind the current least portals record.
/manageManage auditor webhook.
/newsGet the latest news about a Steam game or app.
/report bugReport a bug to a specific project.
/risConvert text to regional indicator symbols.
/updateUpdate specific bot data.
/wrGet a video of the current challenge mode world record.


3.0.010 Jul 2023
2.0.08 Oct 2017
1.9.123 May 2017
1.9.03 May 2017
1.7.025 Mar 2017
1.6.021 Mar 2017
1.5.07 Mar 2017
1.4.026 Feb 2017
1.3.028 Jan 2017
1.8.023 Apr 2017
1.2.017 Jan 2017
1.1.08 Jan 2017
1.0.0-selfbot29 Sep 2017
1.0.026 Dec 2016


discordenoDiscord application framework
sdpDemo parser
ed25519SAR data encoding
rssParsing RSS feed
deno_domParsing HTML content
temporal-polyfillDate calculations
rate-limiter-flexibleRate limiter